Pests are a reality of everyday life, especially in a climate warm and humid as sunny Florida. No matter how clean you keep your home or business, pests will find a way in.
Pests not only can cause physical damage to your property but they also can spread germs, carry diseases, irritate allergies and generally make your environment very uncomfortable.
That is why you need a reliable and effective Pest Control Service that not only protects your health and property but also guarantees coverage of repairs if the unexpected actually happens.  At Kilpex, we got you covered giving you the peace of mind you need!

What our Clients say about us!

“With Kilpex Pest Solutions you not only get a thorough service when you hire them to do inspections, but their professionalism and work ethics from the office to the field is second to none, this is why we highly recommend their services to every one of our clients, because we want the best for them, and the best is Kilpex Pest Solutions.”

Kilpex have provided excellent services to our clients for many years. Their personal approach, care and diligence make them one of our preferred service providers. Thanks to Kilpex, our tenants and landlords have peace of mind when it comes to pest control services.

I have hired Kilpex to handle my personal residential preventative pest needs.  I have used other companies in the past, mostly National Names, and none have provided the level of service that Kilpex does.  Their technicians are extremely knowledgeable in tropical pests that plague Florida households, and they always provide additional “Tips & Tricks” to preventing issues in the future.  They were able to remedy in one visit, an ant problem that I have had for the previous 5 years.  They are consistent and reliable and I would recommend them to anyone.

”Working Kilpex has been an AWESOME experience! Not only do they provide outstanding service at a very reasonable price but their pest control solutions also offer IMMEDIATE results! They also provide us with suggestions on how to help keep those bugs away long term.”

We love Kilpex! For more than 5 years, Kilpex have brought us peace of mind to our home.  My family and I don’t have to worry about anything related to pest control.  Their quarterly inspection and pest control service is meticulous and since we contracted their services, we have not seen a single living bug in our home.  What I like most about Kilpex is their friendly service with a professional touch!

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